The Untapped Potential for MMC in the Retirement Housing and Care Sector

Executive director Trevor Dowd features in this months edition of PSBJ, he considers the ability of modern methods of construction (MMC) to address the urgent need for aged care. Home

Great Crested Newts

When working onsite, surveyors must be prepared for nature to disrupt the natural course of their work. Our assistant building surveyor Andrew found this out the hard way when he was working on a remedial works instruction in St. Helens. Whilst a routine tree felling and replanting project requires a felling licence when felling five… Continue reading Great Crested Newts


‘Rats with wings’ is a popular term for seagulls, due to their spread in our towns and cities. But the truth is, it could be our fault. Increasing the size of our conurbations has effectively wiped out their natural habitats and provided a source of food – albeit not their optimal diet, pastry flakes and… Continue reading Gulls

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