Offices, Covid-19 and Dilapidations

It is probably too early to assess the true impact of Covid-19 on the occupational office market at this stage. As building surveyors, our work has not stopped, we’ve continued to inspect buildings and create reports. What is unique is how quiet the streets of our major cities have been, all those thousands of office… Continue reading Offices, Covid-19 and Dilapidations

In profile: Tina Conway

Tina has been with Trident for five years as a senior secretary, during this time she has supported the Bristol office in their day to day operations. Tina is currently fundraising for LandAid, by taking part in the latest event, QuartanTEN. Tina will be walking 10 miles between 8-15 July with her trusty companion Snoop.… Continue reading In profile: Tina Conway

APC Top Tips

The Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) can feel like a daunting and never-ending process but be assured, once it’s over and you have successfully proven yourself, it will go down as one of your best achievements in your life. It’s a long and nerve-wracking process but here are a few tips which may benefit you… Continue reading APC Top Tips

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