The benefit of being a young surveyor

Why, oh why, am I not a young man? I am lucky enough to have had a long and extraordinarily interesting career in building surveying. I have worked on some iconic buildings and at the same time dealt with projects from tiny office dilapidations to some of the largest buildings in the UK. The work… Continue reading The benefit of being a young surveyor

Fire Compartmentation in Buildings

Adequate fire compartmentation prevents both rapid smoke and fire spread through a building. This is achieved by subdividing the building into protected compartments so that escape routes are not compromised, high risk areas are contained, and high value areas are protected in fire scenarios. A suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment should include a review… Continue reading Fire Compartmentation in Buildings

New Starter – Matt Pilkington

Trident is still ploughing on during this time, by hiring a new assistant building surveyor! We’re welcoming Matt Pilkington to the Bristol office. Matt will be assisting the Bristol team in their projects and instructions, which has steadily increased over the past year and throughout the past six months. Great to have you on the… Continue reading New Starter – Matt Pilkington

The history of party walls and its relevance now

During my sandwich placement in 2016/17, party wall matters quickly became one of my favourite aspects of building surveying due to the logical approach and the methodical process followed. This means that whilst the proposed works may vary extensively; the procedure remains the same. I recently gave a presentation on party wall matters to Trident’s… Continue reading The history of party walls and its relevance now

Building Surveying Bonanza

  It is difficult to know what the final effects of COVID-19 will be on our central London offices. However, one thing for certain is that it is going to lead to a bonanza in work for building surveyors. I take the view that environmentally sound offices will always be good offices, so the City… Continue reading Building Surveying Bonanza

Dealing with wasps on the job

Wasps are the enemy of many, but they have to live somewhere, and sometimes that ‘somewhere’ is your property, often finding a way into your property under loose roofing and flashing, or through gaps in the eaves or in the masonry of the building. Not only do they get into your home or office uninvited,… Continue reading Dealing with wasps on the job

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