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A post-pandemic approach to CDM


There is constant discussion about how the CDM principal designer role should be applied: by a designated individual or by a dedicated team? Obviously, a team would be better for a larger project, but how do you ensure the standardisation of rules and regulations?

With COVID-19 being added into the equation, it can be assumed that the principal designer function – either the individual or the team – must consider aspects around health and safety, extraneous to the usual expectations of a building site.

In these times, the principal designer should incorporate these tasks into their overall role:

  • Checking that the contractor has modified their health and safety arrangements and their rules when on site.
  • Principal designers should not get preoccupied with the principal contractor’s site set up details, but should ensure they match or exceed the latest version of the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures which are regularly updated to reflect changes in Government guidance.
  • Ensure that the workers know the requirements and that the contractors are making sure that they are being managed accordingly

In order to ensure everyone on site is safe and able to work in an efficient yet comfortable manner, the Health and Safety Executive has encouraged all parties to continue with focus on COVID-19-related protective measures such as social distancing and regular sanitising. They are treating COVID-19 as an ‘occupational health issue’ and have taken action multiple times against those who have not complied with guidance.

Targeted inspections regarding regular health and safety have resumed this year, so the HSE will now combine both their pre-existing powers along with their recent additional powers until the virus is under control.

As this virus subsides and we as a nation get back to something closer to normality than we have had for a while, we mustn’t lose sight of what we have been practicing since March 2020, specifically looking after one another in our personal and professional lives.

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