Cranes Today, Prosper Tommorow

Following the release of the Deloitte’s regional crane surveys, we asked our Leeds and Birmingham office leads, Jamie Clark and Darron Owen, to share with us their thoughts about the results. Leeds – a city putting young people at it’s heart.  Reading over the recent Deloitte Crane Survey for Leeds, it appears to be business… Continue reading Cranes Today, Prosper Tommorow

Team Trident SleepOut for Youth Homelessness

This time last week, eight members of Team Trident were waking after a difficult night, they spent the night outside, for the LandAid Sleepout 2023. Every day of every year, thousands of young people are homeless, but what does that really mean? When we think of ‘homelessness’ we automatically think of the most visible form… Continue reading Team Trident SleepOut for Youth Homelessness

International Womens Day 2023 – #EmbraceEquity

This year’s International Women’s Day is all about #embracingequity which aims to get people talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough. While equal refers to giving people the same, equity refers to giving people what they need to all reach the same outcome. This is so important as it recognises that we have different identities… Continue reading International Womens Day 2023 – #EmbraceEquity

We Love Buildings – Valentine’s Day 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day and there is nothing our surveyors love more than buildings. We asked some newer members of Team Trident about their favourite ones… First up is Stacey, who has been with Team Trident for a while now, but we could not include this building she spotted on Valentine’s day… Jack’s favourite building is… Continue reading We Love Buildings – Valentine’s Day 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP WEEK 2023 This week marks the 16th annual National Apprenticeship Week, and throughout we’ve been throwing the spotlight on our two apprentices; Elliot Watson based in Leeds and Jack Skinner, who works with our London team. Elliot and Jack work alongside our knowledgeable surveyors to gain vital hands-on experience, allowing them to develop… Continue reading National Apprenticeship Week 2023

MEES– What, When, How and Why?

Buildings are a key source of energy use and carbon emissions, but buildings with a low EPC rating are contributing far more than they should be. Therefore, MEES is vital in helping the government reach their aim of achieving an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.  MEES legislation is changing again in April this… Continue reading MEES– What, When, How and Why?