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Defects 101: the good, the bad and the weird


Our surveyors find many defects that range from common to exceptional, understandable to downright bizarre. These are found in all services that we offer, and can often be fixed in a cost-effective way quickly. Check out the examples below and see if you agree with our surveyors.

Freddie Millar, Dublin director, found fruiting bodies on an inspection last year:

Glasgow building surveyor, Matthew Doran, on this uncommon yet highly dangerous defect:

Matthew Brown, an assistant building surveyor in our London City office, on sacrifical materials

A building surveyor in our Birmingham office, Jordan Clarke writes about condensation and how to prevent it:

Pritesh Patel, another Birmingham surveyor, often finds rising damp during inspections:

Leeds building surveyor and member of our Fire Consultancy group, Christian Watkins finds many incorrectly installed fireproofing items when on site:

Tom Cansfield, senior building surveyor in Bristol, found and fixed this wet rot on a recent project:

Edinburgh director, Peter Fortune, notes that this is often undetected due to the nature of the positioning:

London City‘s assistant building surveyor Tom Horrocks, discusses this very common and fixable defect: