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Drainage issues in industrial properties


“Out of sight, out of mind” can sometimes be the case for drainage systems in all property sectors, but often in industrial settings. The extra features of a warehouse or unit such as bespoke roofs can create problems for the whole building.

Sometimes poorly designed re-roofing projects can lead to new problems being created in existing roofs. Care must be taken to ensure overflows are maintained when re-roofing buildings and gutters, and downpipes of sufficient capacity are included in the design.

Existing drainage stacks and below ground drainage systems can be neglected and are rarely properly inspected or maintained. Balloon gratings/leaf guards are regularly missing from roof drainage outlets and we’ve found tennis balls, footballs and all manner of building materials and debris causing blockages in the past. It is imperative that roofs are cleaned down and gutters cleared at least annually as part of regular planned maintenance.

Roots from bushes and trees can break through below ground pipes and their joints and reduce the capacity of the drains significantly. We advise our clients to seek records of drains maintenance having been carried out when acquiring a property and ensuring drains are regularly surveyed and cleared to ensure they are maintained in proper working order.

We have also found that the ground around drains can sink over time resulting in drainpipes sagging and failing to flow properly. If this is discovered post-acquisition, it can lead to expensive remedial works having to be undertaken to the drainage system, the cost of which may have to be borne by the new property owner.

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