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LandAid SleepOut – Meet the Bristol Team


Trident are taking part in LandAid’s SleepOut, a nation-wide event to raise money for youth homelessness. In Bristol, five of our staff have signed up to swap their warm beds for the streets.

This isn’t the first time for our Bristol team, who took part in the 2020 sleepout, but as the team has grown recently, this is a great opportunity to take part again and spend some time together as a team.

Dan Brooks-Dowsett.

“Last time we took part, the event went well, it was one of the toughest nights I’ve had but it was the impact it had on me the next day that was the hardest. When this opportunity came up again, I was really keen to get involved , and encourage all of our new joiners over the last two years to take part. We had a quick team meeting to discuss the sleepout and straight away Alex, Oli, Matt and Tom volunteered”


Alex Wallis

“Last time it was fine at first, but the temperature dropped throughout the night to below freezing and sleeping on few layers of carboard is not particularly comfortable.  However, we had toilet facilities and got to drive home to a warm shower afterwards.  A luxury that too many do not have. Sleeping night after night like that in the winter would be a terrible ordeal, not to mention the risk of being attacked by others.   This is why I wanted to take part again, to raise as much money as possible because if what I do can help to get at least one person off the street for a few nights then it has to be worth it.”


Matthew Pilkington , Oliver Davison and Tom Cansfield are joining Dan and Alex in Bristol and if you wish to donate to them and the rest of the Trident team taking part you can do here

Any donation will make a real difference!