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LandAid SleepOut – Meet the London Team


The final Trident team taking part in LandAid’s big SleepOut and aiming to raise as much money as possible for youth homelessness is from our London office.

Taking part in London is Dan Roe, Matthew Brown, Tom Horrocks, Stuart Algar and Callum Rutherford.

Dan is the director of our London office and this will be his second Sleepout with LandAid after taking part back in 2020. We caught up with Dan to see what he thought about it this time.

It’s definitely going to be harder this time round as I know what to expect. Sleeping is not easy; the floor gets harder and colder as the night goes on. I was constantly kept up by noise from the sounds of the city: police sirens, cars and motorbikes never stopped.”

While the sleepout itself will be a challenge, the following day it will be business as usual for our staff, and that may be the toughest bit.

“The next day we will all be in the office; it will be hard to focus and be in our usual high spirts after having not slept. It’s important we reflect on not just how horrible it is to sleep outside, but the bigger picture and the impact on people’s day to day lives. I’m doing it again to not only raise money for LandAid, but to remind myself of the problems across the UK with homelessness, and to understand my own privilege of simply having a place I call home. Its great to see we have such a big group of us taking part this year, and I’m glad to see Matt, Tom, Stuart and Callum have signed up”

If you wish to support Dan, Matt, Tom, Stuart, Callum and the rest of Team Trident taking part in this year’s LandAid sleepout, please go to our page at : Any donation will make a huge difference.