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Project Controls & Risk

Project Controls

Project controls are key to helping our clients deliver projects and programmes on time and within budget.

Trident provides integrated up-to-date reports providing accurate information on cost, programme, performance and risk throughout the entire project duration. This approach provides focus upon the key issues and provides a strategic overview of projects to maximise return on investment.

We use bespoke IT solutions and the latest tools and techniques to provide the key project information in a clear, concise report.

Risk Management

As independent project and cost managers, Trident offers clients expertise in managing the uncertainties that are inherent within construction. The probability and impact of negative events occurring can have a detrimental effect upon a project events but also present opportunities to deliver a more favourable outcome. The risk management process provides a framework for identifying, analysing and mitigating these events.

We support clients by offering a wide range of services, including:

  • Risk registers to identify risk and assess the likelihood and impact upon a project
  • A holistic approach to quantification of risk clearly identified in cost estimates
  • Use of risk analysis to inform project contingency
  • Change control reports
  • Dashboard reports and progress reports
  • Sensitivity analysis

Our risk management schedules are an effective tool to mitigate risk exposure and communicate this to clients resulting in improved levels of project performance and greater certainty of achieving project objectives.

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