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Rights of Light

Rights of light is one of the most difficult constraints for developers to overcome. As value and demand for space increases in our cities, landowners progressively build taller and closer to common boundaries, giving rise to disputes over access to natural light.

Trident’s Rights of Light specialists are dedicated to maximising development potential, whilst balancing the interests of neighbouring owners and reducing exposure to injunctive risk. Having worked on some of the UK’s most enviable urban development projects, our extensive experience and unrivalled knowledge can meet the demands of all project sizes, in all locations.

Often working closely with project design teams, our expert CAD technicians use state-of-the-art software to assess site viability with speed and precision. We offer a range of solutions based on the individual project requirements, ranging from site appraisals and feasibility assessments to precision modelling, impact quantification and provision of risk management advice.

In addition to the range of services offered to developers, we also act for adjoining owners to protect light to their assets. If you are concerned about the impacts of a neighbouring development on light to your property, speak with one of our experts to understand your rights.


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