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Whole-Life / Life Cycle Costing

Trident adds value to your property assets through its Whole-Life Life Cycle Costing service. We will provide analysis and options on various assets within your project, in a holistic yet precise way.

The whole-life costs of a building include not only the capital costs of building it, but the future expenditures too. By adopting a whole-life approach to design, you can enhance asset value in the long term, due to a higher initial capital investment.

We provide cost advice to both developers and end users, based on the costs of construction, maintenance, operation and occupancy. Whole-life value also considers options for disposal or redevelopment at the end of the life cycle period.

Our life cycle costing tools enable us to compare options using energy, component life cycle and revenue implications. We provide detailed reports using guidance from ISO 15685–5, as well as the Standardised Method of Life Cycle Costing for Construction Procurement.

Clients include:

  • Futurist Theatre
  • Royal Albert Drive Cafe & Shop
  • Scarborough borough council
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