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Sleeping Out for LandAid!


Our Bristol and London City teams spent the night in Ashton Gate Stadium and The Oval, raising awareness and money of the increasing homelessness issue that the UK’s youth is currently experiencing.

The Bristol team – executive director Dan Brooks-Dowsett, senior associate director Andrew Hill, principal surveyor Alex Wallis and senior secretary Tina Conway – wrapped up warm on 13 February and spent the whole evening trying to experience what it would be like to have no choice but to sleep rough.

Dan confessed: “I won’t lie it was pretty horrible… it was fine at first, but then it got colder through the night.”



“The routine was pretty much to fall asleep for 5 minutes, then wake up and stay awake for 20 minutes before falling asleep for another 5, and repeating all night on a rock hard floor.

Not ones to be put off, our London team readied themselves for their evening at The Oval on 27 February. Executive director Dan Roe and directors Dan Wade and David Juniper expressed similar feelings after their night.



Dan Wade volunteered on reception, ensuring sleepers were safe and had the appropriate materials: cardboard boxes, hats and cups of tea and coffee. Even though this event is a million miles away from the real thing, He admitted: “It was tough – at 4AM, the winds got up and it was bitterly cold. London never sleeps, police sirens, cars and motorbikes etc. – it was a relief to be back in the office, to be honest. We slept about 2 hours.”



Hats off to our magnificent seven for taking on the challenge and raising money well above our target. You can still donate here, and learn about the other brilliant events LandAid is organising to raise awareness of homelessness in our country here.

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