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Dealing with wasps on the job


Wasps are the enemy of many, but they have to live somewhere, and sometimes that ‘somewhere’ is your property, often finding a way into your property under loose roofing and flashing, or through gaps in the eaves or in the masonry of the building.

Not only do they get into your home or office uninvited, but they make their nests through chewing the timber then combining it with saliva to shape into a habitat that will dry and become totally waterproof, incredible durable and unfortunately for most, long-lasting.



The trademark threatening behaviour of a wasp is due to their territorial nature; let’s be honest, if someone came into your home, you’d kick off too. This is why they will attack if you try to damage their nest.

It is worth noting that wasps abandon their nests after their summer, and never return afterwards, so it’s not necessary to destroy every wasp’s nest you find. If it’s well away from the property or in a rarely used part of the external premises, you could just leave it alone.

Ultimately though, wasps are a pest and therefore it is probably best to contact a pest control agency that are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) to ensure the treatment is done in a professional manner.

However, if you want to take a more DIY approach, please take appropriate precautions – fully protective clothing is a must and chemical sprays allow you to gain leverage on the situation from a far-away vantage point. But if you (or your client) have any doubts or are uncomfortable in using such methods you should instruct a pest control expert.

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