Team Trident Announces Ten Promotions



Picture -Clockwise from top left: Pritesh Patel, Muminul Islam, Oliver Davison, Tom Cansfield, Hannah Tottie, Sam Hinkes, Joshua Pearce, Pedro Fernandes, Callum Rutherford, Mark Sweeney.

We are delighted to announce the promotion of ten members of Team Trident.

In Birmingham, Pritesh Patel and Muminul Islam have been promoted to Principal Building Surveyor.

In Bristol, Oliver Davison and Tom Cansfield have been promoted to Principal Building Surveyor.

Over in Leeds, Hannah Tottie has been promoted to Marketing Executive.

Up in Glasgow, Mark Sweeney has been promoted to Associate Director.

Finally, in London Callum Rutherford, Pedro Fernandes, Joshua Pearce and Sam Hinkes have been promoted to Senior Associate Director.

We are thrilled to share this news with you and hope you congratulate the above on this new chapter of their careers.

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