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Trident Day 2021


Sorry if you were waiting for a reply from us on Friday, it was our annual company shindig and we had a lot to celebrate!

Although still a little bit different from what we’re used to, our day started with a bang courtesy of our board members showing Trident’s successes and plans for the future over our trusty Teams app.

After that, we had a fantastic talk from 400m and 800m runner Jenny Meadows and her coach Trevor Painter, who let us in on how preparing for Olympic glory can be used when working in business. Inspiring and entertaining, we all learned something – even if that was that we probably don’t have it in us to win medals at world-level (like she did. Three times.)

Afterwards, we had separate parties across the UK and Ireland, all meeting up after not being together in full for 18 months in some cases. A tour of Croke Park, crazy golf, The Crystal Maze, even a canal locks competition kept us busy all afternoon.

Hopefully we’ll be able to be together again next year, but this was the perfect way to celebrate another fantastic year at Trident Building Consultancy!