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Wellbeing in offices – what is it, really?


87% of workers want their employers to provide “healthier workspace benefits” within their workplaces, ranging from ergonomic seating to better lunch options.

These requests are often seen to improve the “wellbeing” of an organisation, in a time where the lines between our working and personal lives is more blurred than ever.

Our culture is currently saturated with “wellness” and “mindfulness”, but it is often risky to apply this concept to real situations, where nuances are commonplace from employee to employee. It’s fine to use the term “wellbeing”, but without definition, it lacks context within the workplace.

The Green Building Council conducted a global survey in 2020 and highlighted these key points:

  • Better indoor air quality can increase productivity by 8-11% and can be achieved through better ventilation and lower rates of CO2.
  • Natural light is a huge factor in productivity, especially when connected to views of nature. The suggestions from research that we have an innate bond with nature has led to an uptick in biophilic design, incorporating ‘green’ elements into our offices.
  • Thermal comfort significantly impacts workplace satisfactions with personal control over temperatures improving productivity.
  • When noise provides a distraction, it has been recorded that productivity is near impossible to achieve.
  • The space in which employees accommodate in their workplaces impacts concentration, collaboration, confidentiality and creativity – all really important factors in a business’s success.
  • Thinking outside of office design, access to services like gyms, bicycle storage and outdoor green space encourages healthier lifestyles, improving employee satisfaction and thus better company revenue.

Research is important, but education is not enough to sustain this change to view office design in terms of mental and physical health. We must move forward from thinking about changing to actively altering our workplaces.

Office and workplace design is a valuable investment to businesses right now, to appease the cultural shifts that COVID-19 has brought forward, as well as in the near future to encourage incremental changes to employees’ wellbeing as our values develop.

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