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Why are we Building Surveyors?


This week marks National Careers Week 2022, a week long event with the aim to give guidance and information around a variety of careers and pathways available from those directly involved in the industry. Therefore, we decided to reflect on how and why we decided to become building surveyors.

How did we first learn about our industry?

The career of Building Surveying is not something you may come across growing up, unless directly exposed to it by having friends or relatives in the industry, unlike being a doctor, teacher or police officer which are in the mainstream media. However, our industry is vital in the day to day goings on of business and property.


Most of our surveyors first learned about the industry at school or collage after speaking to careers advisors or looking through university prospectuses for careers inspiration, and then carrying out  research to decide that the job was for them. Others were exposed to the industry at a younger age, having parents, family or friends that worked in our or related industries.

A great proportion of those asked also noted how they wished to work as an Architect or in Real Estate and then learned about Building Surveying, deciding that surveying was better suited to them.

One of our surveyors also noted how it was television shows such as ‘Homes under the Hammer’ and ‘Grand Designs’ that first peeked their interest on the industry.

Why did we become Building Surveyors?

While most of us already had an interest in buildings, property and the sector, the majority of those asked said that it was the variety of work that sold them on becoming a building surveyor. Our job means we are undertaking a variety of projects across a variety of sectors and sizes, meaning that no two jobs are the same. What’s more, is we are not tied to a desk all the time, as we our out on site regularly.

“I enjoy how my day varies; in the morning I can be on site inspecting a building and, in the afternoon, sat at my desk writing a report” Usmaan Mehboob, Leeds

“I think the key aspect of my hugely enjoyable career has been that in 40 years no two days have ever been the same. I have had the opportunity to not only visit almost every iconic building in London but also have had some input from a Building Surveying point of view – I have been to the highest points in London to allegedly haunted basements” – Roger Watts, London

This week we are offering free talks with our surveyors about our industry, however we are always happy to talk to anyone interested in a career in building surveying. Please get in touch at if interested.