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National Apprenticeship Week 2023



This week marks the 16th annual National Apprenticeship Week, and throughout we’ve been throwing the spotlight on our two apprentices; Elliot Watson based in Leeds and Jack Skinner, who works with our London team.

Elliot and Jack work alongside our knowledgeable surveyors to gain vital hands-on experience, allowing them to develop their skills outside of the classroom as well as providing us with a chance to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with skills essential to this industry.

You may have seen last year we sat down with Elliot and Jack to see how they were getting on, but one year on, how are they still finding it?

Q: What do you know now that you would tell yourself a year ago?

Elliot Watson: “The workload is heavy, but also very rewarding. It’s nice when elements you learn about at university come into place at work. The dual action of learning and then seeing it in practice gives me a better understanding, which has helped both my studies and my work for Trident.”

Jack Skinner: “The APC isn’t as daunting as you think. Once you get into the rhythm of updating your diary and understand what is expected from you in your write up’s, its not as scary or overloading as you might think.”

Q. What’s your highlight from the past year been?

EW: “Trident Day for sure! – Trident day is where everyone from all the offices come together for a day. This year it was in Birmingham, and it was great to visit the city, and meet everyone from the other offices in person, instead of just online through calls. It was interesting to hear the directors’ presentations about the business; something not a lot of apprentices get exposure too and we ended the day at Flight club playing darts with everyone. – It was a great laugh.”

JS: “My highlight is definitely being able to take a lead on closing out the defects period at Nomadic House and ensuring the EWS1 was delivered, which met the clients’ expectations, as well as taking a lead role on other small works instructions.”

Q.What’s on piece of advice you would give to new apprentices?

EW: “Don’t underestimate your university studies. It will feel like you learn a lot more at work than you do in your studies, but the theory and knowledge is key in understanding your work.”

JS: “Ask Questions! – No one has the expectation that you’ll know everything, and you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by colleagues who have tonnes of knowledge and experience – so pick their brains, they’ll be more than happy to help you.”

Q. What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

EW : “Mine is Metro Park that I worked on with Usmaan from the Leeds office. The job was a refurbishment and unit split of two industrial units. It was the first project that I was involved with throughout its full progress. The refurbishment turned out to be really good and it was cool to see how much the site changed week by week.”

JS: “The Willesden Green Development, which is a 76 unit residential scheme, the biggest project I’ve worked on so far at Trident. I recently attended the topping our ceremony for the project, which commemorates the finishing of the buildings structure.”

Q. Why are you glad you picked an apprenticeship compared to other routes into surveying?

EW: “Being an apprentice, I can see how the theory I learn at university is applied to the job. This makes it so much easier when writing essays, as I can use examples and relate it to my experiences from my work with Trident. – It definitely gives you an advantage.”

On the personal side, the money is great as I have a source of income while studying and don’t have to struggle like I know some students can. Not having to work weekends is also a plus, as I can plan things with my friends easier which makes it much easier to have a work-life balance.”

Everyone at Trident is excited to continue working alongside our apprentices as they continue to develop with us. If you wish to contact either Jack or Elliot, you can do at or