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Three Kings Court

The main roof at Kings Court was a torched, clay pan tile roof with lead valleys and leadwork detailing throughout.  The roof was estimated at over one hundred years old.  The clay pan tiles were generally in poor condition with widespread patch repairs.

Replacement of the lime torching was considered, however, conservation specialists advised that the additional loading and moisture content of new lime torching may have serious consequences for the original timber frame of the roof.  As a result, replacement with a modern breathable felt was approved by the conservation officer.

The approved new clay pan tiles were on a significant lead in time, therefore temporary repairs were required to prevent on going water ingress in the interim.

Complete new roof coverings were installed to around 30% of the property under the first phase of works.  All rainwater goods and lead work were overhauled and/or replaced leaving the roof completely weather tight.

The remainder of the roof will be repaired in the coming years as Phases 2 and 3.

Three Kings Court Management Company
Our Role
Key Issues
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Unknown condition of metal gutters prior to removal.
  • Unknow condition of leadwork finials prior to scaffold access
  • Prolonged lead in for materials delivery
  • On going water ingress
Alex Wallis

Alex Wallis

Associate Director
Alex Wallis

Alex Wallis

Associate Director