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Project Monitoring

We are well-versed in providing project monitoring services to many different types of property for clients with a huge range of objectives.

Our experience stems from working with funding institutions that provide debt finances for development and refurbishment projects. However, we also provide independent monitoring for occupiers and forward funders.

To minimise risk within the building process, our experience staff review the planning, design and construction stages to advise on managing and financing projects.

As well as taking an interest in the legality of the works, our monitoring role involves ensuring drawdowns are accurate and representative, taking steps to save enough funds to complete the projects and identifying advanced payments to allocate costs appropriately.

The objectives of a developer and a funder or occupier may not complement each other. In these circumstances we protect funders and occupiers, advising on redress options and risk avoidance measures.

This is a rare occurrence, but we as project monitors are ready to provide these services as and when the time arises.

Owen Pottle

Executive Director
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