Breaking the Cycle of Youth Homelessness

Last month, Team Trident took part in Tour de LandAid, an event in which property professionals battle it out for a variety of cycling jerseys all to raise money for LandAid. We’ve become well accustomed to LandAid’s cycling event, having a series of successful teams over the years. Our 2022 team placed third overall, and […]

Tour de LandAid – A New Approach

Today, Monday the 17th of July marks one week to the start of Tour de LandAid, an event in which property professionals battle it out for a variety of cycling jerseys all to raise money for LandAid. This isn’t our first time taking on the challenge, with our 2022 team placing third overall, and one team member […]

Promotions in Leeds, Liverpool and Bristol

Clockwise from top left: Jamie Clark, Alex Wallis, Declan Hard, Cameron McMaster, Usmaan Mehboob and Christian Watkins. We are delighted to announce the promotion of six members of Team Trident. In Leeds, Jamie Clark has been promoted to Director and Christian Watkins, Usmaan Mehboob and Declan Hard have all been promoted to Principal Building Surveyor. […]

2022/2023: The Start of Something New

It would be no exaggeration to say that 2022 marked an epoch in the history of Trident Building Consultancy. It has been a year of tremendous change, and one that has set the foundations not just for the future direction of the business, but for our renewed values and ethos, and the way in which […]

Trident Fasting Day – Reflections

Last week we held a companywide fasting day as part of our celebrations and awareness for Ramadan (also spelt Ramadhan or Ramzan). We invited all of Team Trident to join in the fast for just one day, to experience what it’s like for our Muslim colleagues and clients who fast for 30 days, as well […]

Stress Awareness Month – Lets Talk About It!

This month is Stress Awareness Month, which aims to get us talking about the impact of stress on our professional and personal lives. 74% of UK adults admit to feeling so stressed in the past year, that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Therefore, it is more important than ever we open up […]

Cranes Today, Prosper Tommorow

Following the release of the Deloitte’s regional crane surveys, we asked our Leeds and Birmingham office leads, Jamie Clark and Darron Owen, to share with us their thoughts about the results. Leeds – a city putting young people at it’s heart.  Reading over the recent Deloitte Crane Survey for Leeds, it appears to be business […]

Team Trident SleepOut for Youth Homelessness

This time last week, eight members of Team Trident were waking after a difficult night, they spent the night outside, for the LandAid Sleepout 2023. Every day of every year, thousands of young people are homeless, but what does that really mean? When we think of ‘homelessness’ we automatically think of the most visible form […]

International Womens Day 2023 – #EmbraceEquity

This year’s International Women’s Day is all about #embracingequity which aims to get people talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough. While equal refers to giving people the same, equity refers to giving people what they need to all reach the same outcome. This is so important as it recognises that we have different identities […]

We Love Buildings – Valentine’s Day 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day and there is nothing our surveyors love more than buildings. We asked some newer members of Team Trident about their favourite ones… First up is Stacey, who has been with Team Trident for a while now, but we could not include this building she spotted on Valentine’s day… Jack’s favourite building is […]